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Our Expired House Process:

We hate that you weren't able to sell your home the first go around.  Going on the market and coming up empty-handed is not a very good feeling.  Here's the thing...something happened during that time on the market and you might not really know why.  You may think it is one thing but it could very well be something you might not know.  We specialize in finding the TRUTH on why your property didn't sell.  This is what you can expect when you call upon The Scott Bunn Division of Re/Max 8 to help find that truth.

Conference Call

Let’s get to know each other! We talk through your past experience and we listen to what you have to say.  From there, we set the best course of action on selling your home quickly and for top dollar.  

Preview Property

We send one of our top agents to preview and inspect the property to see how it can be sold quickly.  90% of our expired listings have no real idea on why their house didn't sell.  Was it the market? The media produced? The marketing push behind your home? Or were you missing that one fix? The property tour shows us how we can get your home sold.

Agree to Work Together

After we tour your property we will give you our honest opinion on why your home didn't sell.  From there we can agree to work together on getting your property sold.  

Our Marketing

This is where we shine.  Once we start working together, The Scott Bunn Touch starts to come into play.  We have our media manager come out and take high-quality photos of your property to go onto the internet.  We then broadcast to every real estate agent your property so that they know your property is for sale.  After that, we use social media to get the word out to everyone in the New River Valley that your property is in the care of The Scott Bunn Division.  We then do an open house within the first 2 weeks of being back on the market to get even MORE people interested.  It's a very elaborate process on spreading the word but it's effective.

Getting Your Home Sold

Once our marketing has been put into place we will be in constant contact with you.  This includes updates on showings, what people are saying, and what realtors are saying about your home.  Our goal is to make you know what is going on at all times so you aren't left out of anything.  Our organization is different from everyone else in the sense that we care about all our sellers.  We don't want you to feel left out of anything.  

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